Acquirer Systems, Dublin, Ireland and Atlanta, GA, April 30th, 2015.  Acquirer Systems, the market leader in enterprise test and validation solutions for the payments industry announced today its support as a contributor and accredited services provider for the U.S. EMV VAR Qualification Program.

Acquirer Systems has played an integral role in creating the U.S. EMV VAR Qualification Program.  The program combines a chip education component and an accreditation program to streamline and simplify the testing and certification process for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Through a coordinated, industry-wide effort with Payments Security Task Force, PCI Security Standards Council and the EMV Migration Forum, VARs and ISVs will be better equipped to integrate chip cards into small and mid-sized merchants’ point-of-sales solutions in advance of the October 2015 liability shifts scheduled to go into effect by major U.S. payment networks.

Fergal Molloy, CEO of Acquirer Systems, says, ”Acquirer Systems is proud to be taking a leading role in preparing the VAR and ISV community for the next generation of payments. We believe the U.S. EMV VAR Qualification Program is an important step on the road to EMV migration. It builds on years of Global EMV migration experience, and simplifies the transition to EMV helping to ensure smooth and timely certification”.

The optional U.S. EMV VAR Qualification Program consists of these key components:

  • An educational curriculum that provides a clear explanation of how to implement chip in the U.S. electronic payments marketplace
  • A list of service providers independently accredited by the major payment networks to provide chip consulting and expertise
  • A pre-qualification process run by the accredited service providers to help VARs and ISVs begin the implementation and testing process before they work with acquirers to achieve final certification
  • Acquirer Systems participated in the development of the program and recognizes the pre-qualification status, providing fast track certification for VARs and ISVs that have demonstrated the execution of solid chip solutions.
To learn more about the educational efforts, visit http://www.emv-connection.com/chip-education-for-vars-isvs-and-merchants/
To begin the pre-qualification process, visit https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/approved_companies_providers/var_qualifications_program.php
Acquirer Systems provides test and validation solutions for the payments industry. We help issuers and acquirers get higher quality products to the market faster, reducing operational and development costs cost and improving market competitiveness. Acquirer Systems has a global reputation for excellence with Bank Card Issuers, Merchant Acquirers, Payments Processors, and Terminal Vendors.  We count blue-chip institutions such as Bank of America, First Data, TSYS, Discover, Swisscard and Standard Bank of South Africa, amongst a growing customer base. We have 100+ installations across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The company was founded in 1997, is privately held, and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the USA.
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