“ASTREX gave us an end-to-end test environment that allowed us to more efficiently test the functionality of the new switch and its operation and de-risk every stage of our migration.”


BankservAfrica operates South Africa’s national switch, providing interbank electronic transaction switching and settlement services to the South African banking sector and to some other banks in Africa. 


BankservAfrica wanted to undertake a phased migration from  Base24, which was being sunset by ACI, to a new payment switch platform.  The first step in this phased approach was to complete a successful pilot migration. The pilot migration would enable BankserAfrica to test the new switch solution in a simulated real-time environment to prove that the migration could be completed with minimal risk and disruption to the live business environment.

Our Solution

BankservAfrica selected ASTREX, a real-time payment simulation platform from Acquirer Systems for the migration project to simulate an “as-live” switch environment. This ‘as live’ test environment would help to facilitate a low-risk migration path ?throughout the phased migration and allow BankservAfrica to achieve all of its key objectives for the migration project. 

The Result

The BankservAfrica pilot witch migration project was delivered on-time and within budget. With ASTREX in place, BankservAfrica now have a complete test and validation environment in place and continue their project to complete a full phased migration to the new switch. ASTREX also serves as a testing platform for BankservAfrica’s client banks’ own migration to the switch.

Get the Case Study!

Download the case study here to learn more about how Acquirer helped BankservAfrica to successfully complete its switch migration pilot and prepare for the completion of the phase migration.