"Without ASTREX we would not have been able to complete the project on time. We discovered issues that previously would have only arisen in pilot and launch phases of a project. This eliminated unnecessary project delays. ASTREX gave us the information to debug these issues faster."


Swisscard is one of Switzerland's largest card processing firms and the country's only tri-network issuer. It wished to migrate its business of in excess of one million Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards from magstripe to EMV.


Swisscard's objective was to maximize it's return on investment in EMV and ensure a seamless transition without disrupting live operations or the cardholder experience.
Swisscard therefore required a test strategy that would minimize the complexity of its EMV migration. It also required a means to assure the quality of future EMV chip and NFC contactless product releases and ongoing compliance with EMV.
Early detection of network and interoperability issues, including minimizing the risk of infield card failure, was seen as critical to ensuring a smooth transition. This meant that SwissCard, a card issuing business at one end of the payments chain, needed to be able to simulate and test a full range of acceptance scenarios that could occur throughout a live network environment. So, a facility to emulate an end-to-end acceptance-acquirer-scheme-network-issuer environment, was required.

Our Solution

SwissCard selected ASTREX, a real-time payment simulation platform from Acquirer Systems to provide the solution. ASTREX provided a test infrastructure that could accurately and comprehensively support full product and network testing, ensuring a successful EMV migration.

The Result

The Swisscard EMV project was delivered on-time and within budget directly as a result of incorporating ASTREX into the testing process. ASTREX also lowered the cost of ownership for testing during migration and for the future. It provided Swisscard with a test and validation platform to support the on-going business as usual management of future EMV updates and new product releases.

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