Protocol conversion and message routing for production payments environments.
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ASTREXLive leverages the powerful switch architecture of the core ASTREX engine to provide protocl conversion and message routing solutions for production payment switch  environments.
Protect your investment in legacy host platforms by deploying ASTREXLive to solve interconnectivity problems with other messaging standards when integrating with partners or rolling out support for new protocol standards such as EMV.

Convert Multiple Payment Messaging Protocols

Single platform to convert multiple payment messaging protocols in real-time. You can convert EMV to Magnetic stripe messages without changing your payment switch.

With a broad range of protocols supported ASTREXLive can help your payment business expansion regardless of domestic or your partners protocol specifications.

Message conversion on a single industry-strength platform

Key Features of ASTREXLive

Multi-Protocol Support

ASTREXLIve includes support for a full range of global transaction protocol standards

Protocol Builder

ASTREXLIve offers powerful tools to rapidly build and launch new protocols into your production environment, accelerating your time to market

Switch Architecture

ASTREXLIve’s powerful switch architecture assures high-volume message routing and processing in production environments

John Shaw Head of Information Technology Services, Fintrax Group.
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