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Cloud Certification

The volume of EMV certifications demands a new approach. By putting certification in the Cloud, Acquirer Systems is transforming the experience of merchants and providing a step change for how Acquirers can support their transition to and ongoing compliance with EMV


See how Acquirer Systems Cloud Certification Solution can help solve your EMV challenges.


ASTREXEnterprise Cloud Certification

With full EMV project management, full coverage test cases, pre-certification validation and self-certification options, ASTREXEnterprise Cloud Certification lets Merchants, VARs and ISVs drive their own certification timelines. For Acquirers and VARs, this drastically reduces the cost and resources needed to support merchant EMV migrations.

Why Cloud is better for Certification

Merchants and VARs get access to the complete workflow, test cases, and tools needed to guide them through certification

Acquirers can offer merchants self-driven and automated self-certification

The service is available 24x7 and accessed via a browser, so no implementation needed

Near real-time validation results with analysis from acquirer oversight