Host & Technology Migration.

Solutions to make migrating to new platforms easier and safer.

New Technology Adoption

With so many emerging payment solutions and standards, your host environment is under constant change. Acquirer Systems lowers the cost of change so you can stay ahead of the market:

  • Reduce the time to market for new channel products and services
  • Provide a single platform for third party PoS and ATM operators or vendors to test internally and externally to your organisation
  • Ensure high quality product from all parties by providing  you with the ability to comprehensively test your new product for infield performance 
  • Complete development and testing independently of your production environment
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Host Migration

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Real-time Host Emulation

Briefing & Solution Sheets

Switch Migration Whitepaper

Find out what your organization needs to do to prepare for a successful switch migration in our in-depth whitepaper.