Why Choose Acquirer Systems.

Find out why the Global payments industry chooses Acquirer Systems

What does Acquirer Systems do?

We work with issuers, acquirers, switch operators, PoS Integrators, third party processors and mobile operators to get higher quality products to market faster and to reduce test and production costs. Our next generation test and validation solutions are designed to give you a competitive advantage in a complex and changing payments landscape. Find out more about us or by reading about our customers.

What’s special about the way we approach test and validation?


What’s so great about transaction-based testing?

  • A transaction-based test and validation platform is one which is architected like an “as live” payments system. This means that:
  • You don’t need to write expensive scripts
  • Your test cases can be reused independently of the underlying protocol
  • You can perform effective negative testing easily
  • Regression testing becomes a natural and easy-to-conduct part of your test cycles
  • You can perform full test cycles in minutes and hours rather than days and weeks

So what's the bottom line advantage that Acquirer Systems gives me?


Why is Acquirer Systems a trusted leader?

  • We have built a global reputation for excellence with Bank Card Issuers, Merchant Acquirers, Payments Processors, and Terminal Vendors
  • We count blue-chip institutions such as Elavon, Bank of America, First Data, SwissCard, and Standard Bank of South Africa, amongst a growing customer base.
  • We have 100+ installations across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia
  • We are regularly invited by card schemes, industry events organisers and global clients to share our respected insight and thinking on the payments industry at seminars and conferences
  • Our team is renowned for being responsive, creative, and proactive in delivering working solutions for our customers. Alongside world-leading technology, we provide insight and advice on payments project implementation. Our long client list and reputation is founded on solving business problems for our customers

3 reasons why our customers select Acquirer Systems